E.A.T. B-Sharp turntable

E.A.T. B-Sharp turntable

The B-Sharp sheds all of the non-essential cosmetic adornments of the C-Major without compromising performance or mechanical integrity, providing vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price.

European Audio Team (E.A.T) announces B-Sharp turntable, with engineered cues taken directly from the company's award-winning and highly acclaimed C-Major turntable.

The B-Sharp turntable features the new B-Note tonearm, made from a carbon fiber alloy that is light yet rigid with a black anodized aluminum headshell. The B-Note tonearm provides all of the key features for cartridge alignment and adjustability: VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle), SRA (Stylus Rake Angle), VTF (Vertical Tracking Force), azimuth and a slotted headshell for overhang / offset angle. The anti-skate mechanism has been engineered for more intuitive calibration, making setup of the B-Sharp notably easier than competitive products. A proprietary low noise motor, floating chassis, aluminum platter and a high-density MDF low profile base are included as standard features of the B-Sharp. Like the C-Major, the B-Sharp uses a high-tech TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) suspension system that works in concert with adjustable feet that provide levelling ability for the table. The B-Sharp comes equipped with a factory installed Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge, hinged dustcover, low mass aluminum record clamp ( in some countries is not included) and a felt platter mat-all included. The B-Sharp delivers a level of performance commensurate with turntables at a significantly higher price Point. And we are confident that the B-Sharp will bring joy and lasting satisfaction to music aficionados everywhere. Factoring in the new tonearm, the easy-to-use anti-skate and the ready-to-play nature of the B-Sharp, we are confident that this product will become an instant classic.

E.A.T. B-Sharp turntable technical information

ModelE.A.T. B-Sharp
Dimensions (W × H × D) 460 × 435 × 142 mm
Weight8.5 kg
Platter weight1.85 kg
Platter diameter300 mm
Tonearm9" Carbon / Aluminium
Effective length230 mm
Overhang18 mm
Effective mass12.5 g
Nominal speed33/45 rpm, manual speed change


  • E.A.T. B-Sharp review by AnalogPlanet The EAT B-Sharp is an attractive, well-performing plug'n'play turntable.
  • E.A.T. B-Sharp review by StereoNET Anyone looking for a turntable sub-$3000 has to put the B-Sharp on the top of one's list. It's a no-brainer.
  • E.A.T. B-Sharp review by What Hi-fi? The EAT isn't fussy about genre. It sounds right at home with music as diverse as Nirvana's Nevermind and Dukas's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. There's enough in the way of energy to keep music exciting, but no lack of refinement and authority when needed. … It's a fine deck and one well worth searching out.
  • E.A.T. B-Sharp review by Digital Trends There's an intangible vibe you get from a quality turntable that you just can't get with less expensive gear, and the B-Sharp's got it. This is a device that renders your favorite analog discs with near-perfect fidelity, and with regular and simple maintenance, you'll probably pass it onto your children when you are gone.
  • E.A.T. B-Sharp review by HomeTheaterHifi.com The EAT B-SHARP is a turntable that I could happily live with. It gives me everything I need for great sound without any excess gimmickry or fluff. And it looks… wait for it… Sharp! Sounds like the perfect date. All you need is the wine!
  • E.A.T. B-Sharp review by EnjoyTheMusic.com If anyone asks you what they should buy, the EAT B-Sharp at $1595 is my personal benchmark for this market position. A no brainer, as it were, at this point in time. EAT's B-Sharp turntable it is an outstanding value!
  • B-Sharp in Business Times, Singapore
  • The E.A.T. B-Sharp Turntable Analogaholic TONE AUDIO magazine The E.A.T. B-Sharp turntable you see here only costs $ 1595 and brings a lot to the party.


  • E.A.T. B-Sharp - best table to buy for 2019 Digital Trends picked the B-Sharp as the best table to buy for 2019.
  • HifiChoice - E.A.T. B-Sharp SuperPack Hifi Choice – Recommended! This is an interesting turntable – although not particularly exotic, the E.A.T. B-Sharp nevertheless is well conceived and put together, and proves to be a fine-sounding package.. it's great value for money and an essential audition.


  • VANA Ltd. Welcomes E.A.T. B-Sharp Turntable to US Market VANA, Ltd. has announced the arrival of the European Audio Team B-Sharp turntable – uncompromising performance and mechanical integrity, providing vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price.

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