E.A.T. B-Sharp - best table to buy for 2019

E.A.T. B-Sharp - best table to buy for 2019

published on 1/5/2019

Digital Trends picked the B-Sharp as the best table to buy for 2019.

It requires a significant upfront investment, but the European Audio Team (EAT)'s B-Sharp turntable delivers the kind of high-end sound that will last you a lifetime. A beautiful turntable with a custom-designed suspension system and carbon fiber tonearm, the B-Sharp comes equipped with a beautiful Ortofon 2M Blue moving magnet cartridge, which helps it pull out every subtle musical timbre in your vinyl. Special feet help isolate the turntable from its position on your record stand or bookshelf, and keep unwanted rumbles to a minimum.

Another cool thing about the B-Sharp is that it comes with a built-in record weight: A threaded weight screws onto the middle of the deck, allowing you to get gorgeous, punchy low-end from your records. All that, plus an insane overall build quality makes that EAT B-Sharp the model to get if you're looking to buy a turntable that you'll be able to pass down for generations. In fact, when you look at the quality of components and top-grade features offered by the B-Sharp, it actually offers one of the best values in the high-end audio universe.

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