The Last Teardrop

The Last Teardrop

Treasures made entirely by hand… the Golden Age of elegant jewellery meets the innovative style of the 21st century. Wearable art now takes on the form of pure, precious gold embellished with exquisite gems, rare pieces that – out of necessity – may only be savoured by the few.

For Jozefina, the path to true happiness is found within one's self, paved with inner strength and beauty. For some, it is expressed in music, for others literature or paintings or sculpture. All of these forms deny a life based on haste…

You arrive and time no longer matters. Time stands still, as if losing yourself in one of Bruckner Symphonies. There is no need to worry, cry nor care, as you suddenly understand everything and everybody, without judgment.

All is as it should be. You are embraced by pure joy, knowing and feeling only happiness… for a moment or forever.

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