E.A.T. C-Note Tonearm

E.A.T. C-Note Tonearm

The C-Note tonearm is a completely new design which combines all advantages of an unipivot arm with a cardan design.

The uni-pivot in the middle only helps bearing to be less loaded. The traditional Cardan bearing insures high stabilty and easiness of use with very low friction. Also inside the tonearm is a special silicon-based grease to damp the tonearm / cartridge resonances by more than 50%.

The tube is again out of carbon , super stiff and rigid.

We made the headshell out of special light and rigid aluminium to get the perfect combination of the advantages of carbon with better inner damping of the aluminium as well as the possibility of tighter mounting of Highend MC cartridges.

C-Note tonearm is available in 12", 10" and 9" versions.

E.A.T. C-Note tonearm technical information

Effective tone arm mass19.2 grams16.5 grams14.8 grams
Effective tone arm length304.8 mm254 mm230 mm
Pivot to spindle distance291.6 mm238 mm212 mm
Overhang13.2 mm16 mm18 mm
Offset angle18°21.4°24°
Max null point125 mm126.8 mm130.6 mm
Min null point251.7 mm248.2 mm243.7 mm


  • E.A.T. Forte C-Note review by Audiodrom I expect a good performance from the EAT Forte, yet my expectations were exceeded. The Eat Forte is not your usual turntable – it is a turntable that sets you free from thinking about any upgrades.

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