E.A.T. 300B Valve

E.A.T. 300B Valve

The ultimate 300B tube.

The brand new E.A.T. 300B is a directly-heated power triode vacuum tube with a four-pin base. It is designed for the lovers of the typical sweet, musical and somehow late back sound of the 300B tubes. But this one comes with the newest technology and materials.

From AVGuide: “With EAT 300B tubes in the circuit, the amplifier's performance at the frequency extremes improved pretty drastically…”

E.A.T. 300B Tube quick reference data

Amplification Factor:3.9
Filament Voltage:5 Volts
Filament current:1.25 Amper
Size – included socket:6.6 × 16 cm / 2.6 × 6.3 inch
Cathode:Oxide, directly heated
Maximum Anode Dissipation:36 W
Transconductance:5 mA/V
Max. DC Anode Voltage:450 V
Cooling of The Valve:radiation
Measured Value If:1.1 A


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