E.A.T. Yosegi Headshell

E.A.T. Yosegi Headshell


It's all about … the smaller the signal, the more that resonance behaviour plays an important role!!

The more we talk about the mechanical/electrical transducer, the clearer it becomes that the choice of material and its resonance characteristics are audible.

The cartridge and all that comprise it are the most sensitive parts of an audio reproduction chain. Here is the transfer of the mechanical modulation into an electrical signal, and here is the signal the weakest!!!

Wood has always been one of the most-used materials in audio.

Yet various woods, as well as MDF, have specific structures and densities, and therefore possess their own characteristic "sound".

MDF is too heavy and too dull for many applications. Additionally, you have to treat MDF with additional surfaces to make it visually attractive and domestically acceptable.

Its composition is not always conducive to creating tiny structures, leading to a lack of precision in manufacturing.

Natural woods lend themselves to being worked into myriad shapes, with exquisite finishes. Most relevant to audio, woods can be super hard and totally inert.


"Yosegi" the traditional Japanese method of making objects with real value.

A number of "micro-quadratic" pieces of various types of natural wood are glued together with special resins.

It demands incredible, high-precision work abilities, the levels which are only available from the hands of long-trained, highly-skilled specialists.

The results are "Jewels Made of Wood"!!!

Yosegi techniques are expensive, but capable of yielding exceptional beauty protected by extremely high durability.

What better is use is there for this culture than applying it to the bodies of phono cartridges and cartridge headshells?

The new EAT Yosegi cartridge and headshell are transformed with Yosegi wood into the most elegant objets d'art … and sound

An audiophile dream is to possess a rare and valuable object of incomparable sound quality. This is realised with Yosegi.

At the heart of the cartridge are selected motors, cantilevers and diamonds, of the calibre expected of the very best Japanese-made pick-ups.

Thanks to the combination of traditional Yosegi woodworking art and modern high-end materials, the EAT Yosegi headshell produces wonderfully smooth but vivid and open reproduction of the stored music.

It is an ideal symbiosis of tradition, art and modern technology, enhanced by its inherent exclusivity.

Listen … and enjoy!