E.A.T. LP Clamp Massive

E.A.T. LP Clamp Massive

Elegant platter clamp for optimized sound tuning. It perfectly couples the record to the platter and absorbs vibration almost perfectly due to the extreme mass.

Damping is everything. Most record players can only sound dynamic and clean when resonances are muted. Especially the record itself, the mat and the turntable are often the reason of strong vibrations that a modern phono cartridge relentlessly takes. There are a myriad of techniques to master resonances. The most expensive and effective method is the connection with mass. Vibrations are energy and mass transforms vibrational energy into heat !!!

It works very well, if the material itself not only has HIGH mass but also has a strong inner damping. Modern metal alloys are ideal for this! Material and production of such metals is unfortunately very expensive. Why does nobody do that, even though it's so easy? The new EAT Clamp Massive is a perfect product with the latest in metallurgy technology manufactured on high-precision CNC machines.

The turntable gets a much higher level of kinetic energy, which in turn leads to better synchronization and better isolates the whole system from engine influences. The sound result is calmer – this more balanced sound is neutral without boom effect and makes music appear more dynamic with higher fine detail.

The EAT Clamp Massive is an ideal upgrade for all turntable drives except models with subchassis.

LP Clamp Massive- Platter clamp for turntables – Record Puck

  • Ideal for vibration damping of record and platter
  • Converts vibrations into heat
  • Fits traditional turntable axes (not suitable for turntables with subchassis)
  • Special alloy with high internal damping
  • Increases the kinetic energy of the platter
  • Polished surface
  • Available in wooden box or bulk

E.A.T. LP Clamp Massive technical information

Diameter 84 mm
Hight 32 mm
Weight 0,8 kg net