E.A.T. F-Note Tonearm - Press Release

E.A.T. F-Note Tonearm - Press Release

published on 8/5/2019

E.A.T. To Debut the F-Note Tonearm at High-End 2019

Vienna, 8 May 2019
Having extended its range of turntables from entry-level to high-end and wowed the audio community with the performance of the Jo No.5 moving-coil cartridge, E.A.T. again turns its attention to tonearms. Striving for the ultimate in analogue music reproduction, the all-new F-Note Tonearm has been developed to accommodate the finest cartridges available today.

E.A.T. founder and CEO Jozefina Lichtenegger says: "We wanted to design a tonearm which is capable carrying the 'best of the best' cartridges. Our research shows that these are typically low-compliance designs, especially the most highly-prized of moving coil cartridges."

"These generally require high-mass tonearms to obtain the correct resonant frequency. Most of these tonearms have a medium-friction horizontal bearing to stabilise the mass – but both technologies tend to slow the sound and are not optimally 'open'. A unipivot solution would incur less friction, but these arm types are relatively awkward to set up and to operate."

E.A.T.'s solution was to use a Kardanic construction with four ultra-low-friction pinpoint bearings. For the ultimate version of the F-Note, the pinpoints will rest on a super-hard diamond mirror. From the outset, the designers addressed "ultra-easy" VTA, VTF and azimuth alignment, crucial for the exact adjustment of any cartridge, however demanding its requirements, and to accomplish this without the use of extra tools.

Lichtenegger continues: "The F-Note's set-up is fast and easy, and we have enhanced its uncompromised adjustability with an innovative new feature: the tonearm achieves set-up perfection thanks to the fitting of a laser diode, which indicates the most accurate setting of each of the adjustments. Lastly, we have isolated the tonearm from any vibrations borne by the turntable itself by devising a massive tonearm base."

Available in 2019, the E.A.T. F-Note tonearm will deliver peerless sonic performance, enhanced by elegant styling, while providing tactile pleasure and pride of ownership like no other tonearm can.


12" C-Note10" C-Note9" C-Note9" B-Note12" F-Note
Effective tone arm mass19.2 grams16.5 grams14.8 grams14.8 grams21.4 grams
Effective tone arm length304.8 mm254 mm230 mm230 mm304.8 mm
Pivot to spindle distance291.6 mm238 MM212 mm212 mm291.6 mm
Overhang13.2 mm16 mm18 mm18 mm13.2 mm
Offset angle18°21.4°24°24°18°
Max null point125 mm126.8 mm130.6 mm130.6 mm125 mm
Min null point251.7 mm248.2 mm243.7 mm243.7 mm251.7 mm

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