E.A.T. C-Sharp in Positive Feedbak

E.A.T. C-Sharp in Positive Feedbak

published on 1/3/2018

The E.A.T turntable performed so superbly and was so inexpensive that the audiophile may build a near state of the art system with the C-Sharp at its core. … phono reproduction with amazing sound, easy to setup and tweak, and all at reasonable cost!

… a tour de force from A-to-Z. The arm tracks on ABEC 7 bearings, the same bearings used in the SME V! No better bearings are available on the planet Earth.

Considering that the E.A.T. C-Sharp is $3000, some $1000 less than at its introduction, one can afford to build out a stellar phono system using it as the core turntable. My friends, it is really that excellent and looks much more expensive. I cannot imagine a better table under $7000 or $8000 for a table, NOT including the arm. Included is a precision E.A.T. 10'' arm that makes many well-thought-of, well known artisan arm efforts look cheesy and inflexible. I would pay $3000 just for the arm!

If you want virtually state-of-the-art phono playback for under $10,000, including cartridge, build your system starting with the time-tested E.A.T. C Sharp Turntable and Arm Combo at its heart. The E.A.T. C-Sharp Turntable Combination is that good! The E.A.T. C-Sharp Turntable is the key piece and a no-holds-barred winner… My highest recommendation.

E.A.T. C-Sharp in Positive Feedback

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